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Why printing colors on black cardstock not available?

You may think it’s fairly simple to print color on black paper but unfortunately, printing color on black paper is very tricky.

Printing colors on black cardstock is possible, but the colors may not appear as vibrant or true-to-life as they would on white or light-colored paper. This is because the black cardstock absorbs some of the light, dulling the color. When printing on white paper, all the light reflects off the paper and through the ink, which makes the colors appear more vibrant.

However, when printing on black cardstock, the ink is absorbed into the paper and doesn’t reflect all the light in the same way. This can make the colors appear dull or muted, and may not be suitable for all printing needs.

To address this issue, our company uses a white ink underlay or “spot color” printing technique to create more vibrant colors on black cardstock. However, this is the more expensive way and may not be available for all printing services.

In summary, while it is possible to print colors on black cardstock, the colors may not appear as vibrant as they would on lighter-colored paper due to the way ink interacts with the paper’s surface.
This is why we do not recommend printing color logos on black cardstock

Black paper is only good for use with color stamping. (we also called it hot stamping or foil stamping. It is a printing method that uses stamping tools to transfer metallic foil paper to a surface at high temperatures.)

hoot stamping tool for hot stamping
hoot stamping tool
metallic foil material for black paperboard
metallic foil material

Like gold foil, silver foil, black foil, and holographic foil, it can produce a very nice effect that looks great and stands out well on black paper. (Gold stamping, silver stamping, and rose gold stamping these three colors have been frequently used.)

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