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What types of packaging samples is fit for you?

Samples are essential and allow customers to check that the material quality, pack size, and style is all suitable for their requirements. That’s why we provide different sampling options that serve different purposes. Here’s a breakdown of the types of samples we provide.

Inventory Sample

What is it: Pre-printed, production-grade sample we produced for a previous client with his logo and design.

Uses: The existing sample will help you determine whether the material, thickness, printing, and coating is ideal for your project.  

Limitations: We don’t have samples of every possible combination (i.e. specific Pantone values on specific materials), but we can usually send something close.

Cost and timeline: Existing samples are free, and they are in stock and ready to ship, you may just need to pay for shipping, shipping by FedEx will take around 3-5 working days in normal conditions.

Custom Sample

What is it: Made according to the exact specifications of your needs.

Uses: Gives you an exact idea of what the product will look like at full production.

There are two types of custom samples:

Production-Grade Sample: (longer turnaround time, higher cost).

What is it: Production-grade samples is Offset printed sample made with the tooling and machinery that will be used in a full production run.

Uses: To see exactly how your final packaging will turn out. 

Limitations: Machine setup and tooling for samples often take as much time as the production run itself, if you are using a non-standard material, you may need to pay for the vendor to special order material.

Cost and timeline: A production sample requires the same amount of setup as a full production run. you will need to pay for the tooling (cutting die, print plates, mold, etc.) and other fees. If you approve the production sample and don’t need changes to the tooling for the full production run, you will not need to pay for tooling again. Depending on the product, it can take up to 7-10 business days to create a production sample.

Digital Grade Sample: (faster turnaround time, lower cost)

What is it: A digital sample is a printing sample that has been printed by a digital print machine. The digital files are converted into the CMYK color system to communicate more accurate color output from the screen to the substrate.

Uses: To give a rougher idea of what your final packaging will look like. It also allows you to see whether any adjustments need to be made to your artwork prior to going into production.

Available in: CMYK colors only.

Not available in white ink and Pantone colors.

The drawback to printing digitally is the loss of image quality It cannot print in the PMS Color System, which in turn cannot compete with the color accuracy other printers, like offset and flexographic printing, can produce.

Cost and timeline: Unlike offset printing, digital printers don’t require any manual labor for set up, meaning there are no dies or paper rolls to be installed. It’s more cost-effective and fast turnarounds (3-5 working days) when an order is placed with us, digitally printed samples we can provide free of charge.

The difference between Digital and Offset Print

Plain Sample/Structural Samples/ White Sample

What is it:  plain white Structural samples they are not carrying any printing on the box.

Rigid box blank sample

Uses: for testing box structures, sizing, and material evaluation. If you are running a bit tight on your project timeline and need to make sure your material holds your products accurately, standard samples are the way to go.

To put it simply, don’t skimp and order your box samples before production! We offer various types of samples & prototyping for all your needs, if you are still not sure what sample you need? Let our experts help guide you to find the right packaging samples for your goods.

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