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What is the difference between lock bottom box and auto lock bottom box?

There are amounts of different box styles for folding cartons (product boxes).

But the most common box styles are lock bottom box and auto lock bottom box. They may sound similar, but these box styles have many differences let’s strict to the point of what’s the difference and which should you choose for your product’s packaging.

What is the lock bottom box?

lock bottom box

Secure interlocking bottom closure

Good for lightweight products

Assemble in 3 simple steps

Custom lock bottom box—also known as “snap lock boxes” or “1 2 3 bottom boxes”—They flaps fold to create a secured lock without requiring glue tape or staples for assembly Works well for lighter weight products like Beauty and Cosmetics products but is not good for heavy products and these boxes may need more time and labor costs for assembling.

What is the auto lock bottom box?

auto lock bottom box

Sturdy pre-glued bottom

Holds heavier products

Quickly pops into shape

The auto lock bottom box also called the crash bottom box or Crash auto Lock bottom it’s a heavy-duty folding carton box with a pre-glued bottom Just squeeze and a box pops into shape with the bottom already locked closed it can save money over time on assemble. Ideal for slightly heavier products (candles, glass jars) it’s a great retail product box.

The 2 types of box costs for us to manufacture are almost the same. Both of them can be fully customized can be die-cut into various shapes and sizes, and printed to any design you want. they can be stored in your facility without taking up much space since they’re compact when laid flat. If you are looking for a customized size template for you to design please contact our packaging specialist for help!

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