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What are the box types of scented candles box?

Scented candles are often packaged in various types of boxes, and the specific box type can vary depending on the brand, size, and shape of the candle. However, our company can provide customized packaging services, here are some common types of boxes used for scented candles:

Tuck-End Box: This is a popular box style for scented candles, with a tuck-in closure on both ends. The tuck-in flaps help keep the candle secure and protect it from damage.

Rigid Box: A rigid box, also known as a set-up box, is a sturdy and durable packaging option for scented candles. These boxes are typically made from thick cardboard or paperboard and have a top and bottom that fit together snugly.

Cylinder Box: A cylinder box is a round, tube-shaped box that is often used for scented candles. These boxes can be made from cardboard, paperboard, or other materials and are usually secured with a lid.

Book-Style Box: A book-style box is a rectangular box that opens like a book, with a spine in the middle. This type of box can be a great option for scented candles with unique shapes or sizes.

These are just a few examples of the different box types used for scented candles, and there may be other box styles available depending on the brand and specific product.

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