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White String Tie Product Box Folding Carton Box For Candle Jar

  • Custom size & print
  • Easy opening and resealing
  • Low MOQ, start at 1000pcs
  • Lightweight & sturdy, Easy assembly

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【Customizable】Folding boxes can be designed in a variety of structures and sizes to meet specific packaging needs. They can also be printed with custom graphics and branding.

【Easy assembly】Folding boxes are typically easy to assemble and require no additional tools or equipment, which makes them a convenient option for both manufacturers and consumers.

【Space-saving】Folding boxes can be collapsed and stored flat when not in use, which saves space and makes them more efficient to transport and store.

【Environmentally friendly】Folding boxes are often made from recyclable materials, and their collapsible design reduces the amount of packaging material needed, making them a more eco-friendly option.