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White Textured Paper Jewelry Boxes Drawer Boxes With Ribbon

  • Drawer Boxes With Ribbon is perfect for packaging small items such as jewelry and other items. We have covered everything from selecting the right box to personalized packaging.

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Personalization Options of Drawer Boxes with Ribbon

The white jewelry drawer boxes with ribbon drawer box offers a variety of personalized options:

  • Customized size: We provide customized size services to meet your packaging needs for different products.
  • Logo printing: You can print your brand logo or name on the box to increase brand awareness.
  • Custom insert: Customize the inlay to fit tightly against your jewelry, preventing movement and damage.
  • Foil stamping: Add a little gold or silver foil stamping logo to obtain an additional sense of luxury.

white necklace gift boxes

necklace gift boxes

jewellery design

Box Styles: 

white jewelry boxes styles

Box Inserts Styles:

jewellry box insert

Materials Options:

white jewelry boxes materials options

Surface Printing Process:

surface printing process


Are White Jewelry Boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, our company now offers eco-friendly materials options. All these boxes are made of paper material, fully in line with the concept of sustainable environmental protection.

Can I order this print box in bulk for my jewelry business?

Absolutely! We greatly welcome your bulk orders, and if you place a large order, we will provide you with a more cost-effective solution.

Does the tiny jewel box come in different sizes?

Yes, we provide custom size and printing services to meet your personalised jewellery pieces.

How can I choose the right ribbon color for my brand?

Consider your brand’s color palette and the emotions you want to evoke. If your brand is all about luxury, gold or silver ribbons are great choices.

Can I use these boxes for occasions other than jewelry?

Certainly! These boxes are versatile and can be used for a wide range of gifts, not just jewelry.

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