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Custom Printed Bottle Shaped Essential Oils Test Paper Strips

  • Do your customers still just pick up bottles of essential oils and smell them? Try to experience them with bottle shaped essential oils test paper strips!

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What Are Essential Oils Test Paper Strips

Customizable essential oils test paper strips are innovative tools used by perfume brands and manufacturers to allow customers to taste and experience a variety of fragrances. These test strips are usually made of absorbent paper material. Absorbent papers have the property of retaining fragrance for a long period of time. They are designed to be easily customizable in size and shape, allowing brands to imprint their logo, design or scent name on the paper.

How do fragrance blotter test strips work?
Scented blotting test strips work on the principle of capillary action, whereby a liquid is drawn through tiny channels into the porous material of the strip. This allows the scent to penetrate the strip and produce a strong odor that is easy to detect.

Materials used to make scented blotting paper test strips
Traditionally, scented blotting test strips have been made from porous paper materials such as blotting paper or card stock.

We offer four different types of material that you can choose from.

the material of perfume smelling strips

Specialized designs for specific applications
Some fragrance blotter test strips feature specialized designs tailored to specific applications. For example, elongated strips with tapered ends may be used for sampling fragrance from narrow-mouthed bottles, while larger rectangular strips are ideal for capturing complex scent compositions. Bottle shapes strips designed to make your brand stand out, in 70MilesPackaging, we offer a wide variety of strip shapes to choose from, and you can even customize your own!
Here are some shapes for reference:

Perfume test strips shape and size

What Special Technique Can I Do on Customizable Perfume Smelling Strips?

Similar to other paper packaging, we can do a lot of processes on the scent test paper, from the simplest printing to complex hot stamping (gold foiled, other colors foiled), or embossing, we can meet your personalization needs!

the technique process of fragrance blotter test strips

How Do We Pack Paper Test Strips?

Proper packaging is essential for preserving the integrity of fragrance blotter test strips. Sealed pouches or containers help prevent contamination and moisture absorption, ensuring that the strips remain fresh and ready for use. Our company uses transparent bags for packaging, 100 pieces per pack, and carton packaging with corner protection.


1. Can I reuse Bottle Shape Essential Oils Test Paper Strips?

While the strips can absorb multiple scents during a single use, they are designed for one-time use to prevent cross-contamination between oils.

2. How long does the scent linger on the strips?

The duration of the scent can vary depending on factors such as the oil’s volatility and ambient conditions. Generally, you can enjoy the aroma for several hours to a day.

3. Are these scent strips environmentally friendly?

Yes! Most Bottle Shape Essential Oils Test Paper Strips are made from biodegradable materials, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

4. Can I use these strips for blending oils?

Absolutely! These strips serve as a handy tool for experimenting with different oil combinations to create custom blends tailored to your preferences.

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