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Perfume Smelling Strips

Perfume smelling strips, also known as fragrance test strips or blotters, are essential tools in the world of perfumery. They serve as a convenient way to sample and test various scents before making a purchase.

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Variety in size and shape

Provide over 30 different styles and shapes, support custom size as well as printing.

Strong absorbency

Powerful absorption capability, effectively soaking up the perfume without leaving excess residue.

No ink bleeding odorless

No bleeding or release of ink when in contact with liquids, preserving the integrity of the fragrance being tested.


Get inspired with innovative projects using perfume smelling strips.

4 Types of Paper Used for Making Perfume Smelling Strips

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cream color material of perfume blotter strips


Explore our premium selection of paper materials in elegant cream hues. Perfect for adding sophistication to any design.

black color material of perfume blotter strips


Discover premium black paper materials for your creative projects. Explore our high-quality papers in stylish black.


White finish, smooth texture, and optimal thickness provide a luxurious feel and professional appearance to your creations.

supper white color material of perfume blotter strips

Super White

With a smooth texture and optimal thickness, this material guarantees a luxurious feel and exceptional printing results.

What Is The Perfect Shapes for Perfume Smelling Strips

custom shape and size of perfume smelling blotter strips

Perfect Shapes for Perfume Smelling Strips

  1. Square-shaped strips: Square strips offer a balanced surface area for applying fragrance, allowing for even distribution and consistent scent testing.

  2. Rectangular strips: Rectangular strips provide sample space for spraying or applying perfume, making them ideal for capturing the complexity of fragrance notes.

  3. Circular strips: Circular strips offer a unique aesthetic appeal and are favored for their elegant presentation during fragrance testing sessions.

  4. Triangular strips: Triangular strips are designed to concentrate fragrance at the tip, enhancing the intensity of scent perception and facilitating precise evaluation.

  5. Other innovative shapes: In addition to traditional shapes, our perfume smelling strips are now available in various innovative designs, such as heart-shaped, flower-shaped, and even custom shapes tailored to specific brands or occasions.

The Best Perfume Smelling Strips Recommendations from Our Packaging Specialist

AEN Perfume

Frequently Asked Questions

The concerns you may have about the perfume smelling strips

Perfume smelling strips are typically made from absorbent paper material designed to effectively absorb and retain fragrance compounds, and we offer them in four different colors.

Smelling strips are designed for single-use application to prevent cross-contamination of fragrances, and reusing the strips may affect the accuracy of scent test results.

The duration for which perfume strips retain fragrance varies depending on factors such as the type of perfume, concentration of fragrance oils, and environmental conditions. In general, the scent may linger on the strip for several hours to a day.

To minimize environmental impact, dispose of used perfume smelling strips in designated recycling bins for paper or cardboard materials.

No, perfume smelling strips are designed to absorb and diffuse fragrance molecules without altering their composition. However, improper usage or low-quality materials may affect the scent perception.

Perfume smelling strips are used by spraying or applying a small amount of fragrance onto the strip. The strip is then waved gently in the air to allow the scent to develop. Once the fragrance has settled onto the strip, it can be held at a distance and sniffed to assess its aroma. It’s important to avoid holding the strip too close to the nose, as this can overwhelm the olfactory senses and distort the scent perception.

  1. Apply a small amount of fragrance onto the strip.
  2. Wave the strip gently in the air to allow the scent to develop.
  3. Hold the strip at a distance to assess the aroma.

Yes, perfume smelling strips can also be used to test essential oils. Like perfumes, essential oils can be applied to the strips for evaluation purposes. By using smelling strips, individuals can assess the aroma, potency, and quality of different essential oils before incorporating them into various applications such as aromatherapy, skincare, or homemade fragrance blends.

Yes, our company provides more than 30 shapes to choose from, you can also customize the shape and size.

Our customization minimun order quantity start at 5,000pcs.

Production lead time is based on the quantity you order:

  1. Lower than 10,000pcs, 5 days.
  2. 10,000pcs to 50,000pcs, 7 days.
  3. More than 50,000pcs, 10 days.

We pack 100pcs in per pack with OPP bag. And then carton packing.

Perfume strips shipped by DHL/FedEx/UPS/Air if the package weight lower than 100KGs. Shipping by sea if the package weight over 100KGs.