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5 Inexpensive packaging hacks for start-up and small business

When running a small business, the packaging is one of the first impressions of your product. If you want to brand your small business on a shoestring budget. This article should offer some fresh ideas to spruce up your packaging that is surprisingly inexpensive.

Why is product packaging so important?

Beautiful customized packaging for your products will build customer loyalty and drive retention in your online store, what’s more, it will make or break your sales for your small businesses. So it’s worthwhile to invest in better packaging. But how? And how to do it without breaking your budget? Have no fear. Any one of these five hacks can help:

Packaging Hack #1. Use Unbranded Mailer Box

Mailer box is also called corrugated cardboard box. It’s the most popular type of shipping box for use in eCommerce, Subscriptions, and Gifts.  Prices vary depending on the printing and size of the box you want. But it’s costly with high min order quantity requirement. If you’re not picky, you can use our branded mailer box in multi colors and sizes. Then using vinyl stickers to decorate and brand your boxes, helps you save money in the long run.

Packaging Hack #2. Exterior Logo Stickers Label- Top tips and packaging ideas for small business

This is your most cost-effective branding option with a killer design. When starting a company, there often isn’t enough money available yet to buy some cute packaging with your brand logo printed on it. We understand that, so we suggest using a sticker or label instead. Try buying a plain box and applying your company’s logo and/or website as a sticker to achieve that branded packaging look. Here are some examples of effective packaging logo stickers.

Packaging Hack #3. Packaging Sleeves- Increase brand value with a professional look and low costs

Custom packaging sleeve also call wrapped paper sleeves sometimes known as belly bands. It is a smart and unique way to present your boxed product to customers. This particular type of packaging allows you to save money and has the added benefit of keeping your company’s carbon footprint way down. You can avoid plastic and paper waste by choosing a packaging sleeve.

Packaging Hack #4. Poly Mailers
blue poly bag

Poly bags or shipping bags are an effective and affordable solution to save money on shipping and packaging. Our factory can be done in small batches with custom logo designs starting at 100 pieces for multi sizes and colors optional at factory direct price. These work best for apparel, t-shirts, and other non-breakable items.

Packaging Hack #5. Thank You Notes and Offer Cards

Add thank you cards for instant customer connection. These cards allow you to speak to your customers even after you’ve sent out the package.

The handwritten note tactic is becoming quite the trend. Many online retailers say they’ve had success with this.

Bottom Line

As you can see, amazing packaging doesn’t have to be expensive! There are so many ways that you can achieve impressive branded packaging on a budget. If looking for any of these packagings please contact us for an instant quote. We also provide free design service for your product packaging to save your design cost.

We hope this has been helpful! If you have enjoyed these tips, please share them with your friends and other business owners to help them out too!

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